Love Your Jewelry, Wear Your Jewelry, Care For Your Jewelry

d5312ecabb455f31e2979422d129d6abIf you want your jewelry to last forever you will need to take proper care for your jewelry.  You should remove your jewelry when you are during tasks, especially tasks like washing the dishes and or doing yard work.  Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night, especially your pearls.  Chlorine and other chemicals found in swimming pools and hot tubs can be your jewelry’s worst nightmare.  Take your jewelry off when you go swimming or when you play sports.  This will help protect you and your jewelry.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Clean Up:  To clean your sterling silver jewelry use a soft polishing cloth.  You can also use special sterling silver dip but be careful to not put any precious gemstones in the dip for it may damage the stones.  A tumbling machine can also be used to polish and clean sterling silver jewelry.

Gold Jewelry Clean Up:  You can use a soft polishing cloth on your gold jewelry.  You may also use special dip for gold jewelry but be careful of precious stones in the dip because they may get damaged from the chemicals in the dip.  Jewelry ultrasonic, steam cleaning, and polishing machines do the best job on gold jewelry.

Stop on by to your local jewelry! Most jewelers will clean your jewelry for you!

Accessorize That Gorgeous Wedding Dress!

You have probably spent hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars on the perfect wedding dress for your big day, don’t skimp out on your bridal jewelry!  Finding the perfect bridal jewelry that complements that gorgeous white dress is important and we are here to help!

Pick The Right Metal Color For Your Wedding Jewelry

eg_bridalYou may not know it but picking the wrong color of metal may offset the dress.  When choosing what type of metal, yellow gold, white gold, and or silver make sure to match it to your dress color.

White Wedding Dress: Choose white gold, silver, and or platinum.  Gold tones may clash with this bright white dress.

Diamond White Wedding Dress: This off white color of dress will work with white gold, yellow gold, silver, and or platinum.

Ivory Wedding Dress: Yellow gold is a must!  This soft, off white, vanilla color of dress goes great with yellow gold!

Choose The Right Style of Bridal Jewelry to Complement Your Dress’s Neckline

There are many different types of necklines for wedding dresses; strapless, halter, sweetheart, the list continues.

Sweetheart or Strapless: Multi-strand and larger necklaces work great!  Don’t forget to add a bracelet filled with chains, gems, and or diamonds! With this style of wedding dress you are able to really bedazzle yourself in jewels.

V-Neck: A simple necklace or single strand of pearls will look great!  Add a stud type of earring like a gemstone, diamond, or pearl that complements the necklace.

Halter or Reverse Halter: Choose a simple necklace with a stud earring.  You could also go with no necklace and then wear a fun pair of dangle earrings.

A-line: Choose a great pair of dangle earrings and a bracelet that complements the earrings well.  Don’t go easy on the bracelet choose something big and beautiful!

Make It The Wedding Of The Year!

Match your wedding jewelry to your wedding dress and personal style.  Make sure everything flows well.  If you have crystals on your wedding dress then use crystal jewelry.  Incorporate the colors of your wedding into your bridal jewelry. Get creative; something old and something blue could be your wedding jewelry.

The Best Gift A Bridesmaid Could Ask For…. Jewelry!!!

When thinking of gifts for your bridesmaids there are two ways you could go. You could buy them jewelry based on what you think each individual one would like and or you could by them a nice piece of jewelry that will last and that goes with your wedding theme.  Either way your friends will love what bridesmaid jewelry you pick out for them!

If you want the girls to wear the jewelry in your wedding there are a few guidelines to follow.

  1. Make sure the bridesmaid jewelry you pick out will complement the neckline style of the their bridesmaid dresses.
  2. Consider the theme of the wedding and create their bridesmaid jewelry based on that.  Use the colors of your wedding in their jewelry.  If you are using purple and grey in your wedding pick out silver jewelry with Amethyst stones in it.
  3. Traditionally brides pick out the same jewelry for all their bridesmaids.  Change it up!  Pick out different styles of jewelry that match each bridesmaid’s personality and then use all the same colors or vies versa.
  4. A lot of brides will spend a little more money on their maid of honor.  If you decide to do this you can pick out an additional piece of jewelry for them that goes well with the piece you already picked out.

Remember… these are the girls you have chosen to stand up in your wedding.  Give them a gift that will last!